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Eye Care for the
Medically Underserved

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Our award-winning organization provides eye exams and up to
one year of care to US citizens and legal residents through volunteer
ophthalmologists (EyeMDs) often at no out-of-pocket cost to those
who qualify.

Partners & Volunteers

If you are an ophthalmologist, join our network of volunteer care providers. If you are an organization that would like to partner with us, help us spread the word.

Volunteer Eye M.D.s | Partners | Media | Sponsorship

Eye Health Brochures

Get Some Brochures! Our literature is easy to understand, helpful, and free of charge.

Tribute for Sight Program

Many people are grateful for their gift of sight and wish to help EyeCare America help others keep their gift of sight too.  EyeCare America’s Tribute for Sight program is an easy way to support our work while also honoring someone special to you.

Assistance with Medications

This online resource is available for the use by physicians and their patients to help obtain ophthalmic drug assistance for patients in need.

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Feast Your Eyes on This!

Eating foods rich in vitamins and antioxidants may help prevent Age-Related Macular Degeneration.

EyeCare America has teamed up with celebrity chefs to create a cookbook filled with eye-healthy recipes.

Download the FREE cookbook »